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Kongenitte nonvaskulære midtlinjetumorer på næsen skal ikke biopteres

Bo Sonnich Rasmussen & Mikael Andersen Klinik for Plastikkirurgi, Brystkirurgi og Brandsårsbehandling, Rigshospitalet Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V09120547
Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V09120547
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Congenital nonpulsatile midline nasal masses
These tumours are rare, benign abnormalities including dermoids, gliomas and encephaloceles that result from aberrant embryologic development. They can cause severe deformity of the midface and nasal structures and may have an intracranial extension that requires neurosurgical consultation. Thus preoperative manipulations, i.e. biopsies, are contraindicated as it can lead to cerebrospinal fluid leak and meningitis. The treatment is surgical excision and should be performed early. Neuroimaging is essential in the evaluation of specific type, presence of intracranial extension and presurgical planning.
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