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Det episke sundhedsvæsen

Nadia Landex Hjertemedicinsk Klinik B, Rigshospitalet Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V69572
Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V69572
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The Epic healthcare system in Denmark
In 2016 the first Danish hospitals adopted “Sundhedsplatformen”, the Danish version of the Epic electronic health record. There has been much discussion about the perceived shortcomings of Sundhedsplatformen. This article reviews documents, that the introduction of electronic health records is associated with an increase in time spent on charting and an increase in errors. Even after several years of working with electronic health records physicians may consider themselves less than proficient in the use of the electronic health record. Physician dissatisfaction increases the risk of burnout, and work-related stress is linked to increased sympathetic tone and negative physiological effects, so stress management is important.
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