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Fokal peliosis hepatis uden oplagt ætiologi

Dorthe Halle & Bassam Mahdi Radiologisk Afdeling, Odense Universitetshospital Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V01130067
Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V01130067
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Focal hepatic peliosis without evident aetiology
Hepatic peliosis is a rare vascular disorder of the liver characterized by small cavities containing blood. It is most often asymptomatic but may give rise to portal hypertension and even fatal liver rupture. In this case a 47-year-old woman presented with abdominal pain and elevated alkaline phosphatase. An ultrasonography and additional MRI of the liver detected three lesions suspected of focal nodular hyperplasia. A core needle biopsy revealed that hepatic peliosis was the correct diagnosis. No causative factors were found and the patient was followed by consecutive MRIs.
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