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Kan ortopædkirurger accelerere tiden, eller falder entusiasmen for afspritning bare med alderen?

Jakob Klit, Per Hviid Gundtoft, Eske Brand, Peter Toft Tengberg & Kristoffer Weisskirchner Barfod Orthopedic Myth Grinders Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V69592
Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V69592
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Can othopaedic surgeons accelerate time, or does the enthusiasm for alcohol rub just decrease by age?
Senior surgeons can execute a full surgical hand antisepsis in no time. This could be due to a changed perception of time with age. This cross-sectional study secretly timed orthopaedic surgeons during alcohol rub, investigated their perception of 120 see and attitude towards hand antisepsis. Surgeons under 50 years of age used significantly longer time on alcohol rub. No significant difference in perception of neither time nor attitude towards surgical hand antisepsis were found between age groups. Surgeons are not affected by mental aging but seem to be able to accelerate time. Surgeons are aware of standard guidelines and follow them. This study presents new findings adding to the mythic nature of the orthopaedic surgeon.
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