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Klagesagers indflydelse på læger


Søren Birkeland1 & Ole Nørskov2

1) Institut for Psykologi, Syddansk Universitet 2) Lægeansvarsudvalget, Lægeforeningen Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V03170257

Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V03170257
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The impact of complaints on clinicians

Most clinicians will sooner or later make mistakes, and occasionally it leads to litigation. One of the rationales of complaint systems like the Danish one is to contribute to the quality improvement of healthcare provision. Still, there is unsatisfactory evidence to support this while some studies point to negative aftermaths in terms of secondary victimisation, defensive medicine, etc. Further research is required on the effects of complaint measures and on reasonable ways to promote their constructive purpose.

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