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Masquelets teknik anvendt efter åben femurfraktur med infektion og osteomyelitis

Maj Haubuf & Jens Ole Storm Ortopædkirurgisk Afdeling, Hospitalsenheden Horsens Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V12140751
Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V12140751
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The Masquelet procedure used after an open femur fracture with infection and osteomyelitis
Maj Haubuf & Jens Ole Storm:The treatment of patients with larger bone defects due to infections, trauma or tumours is a challenge in orthopaedic surgery. In 1986 Alain Charles Masquelet introduced a new technique using a two-step procedure, in which cement and bone-graft is used to reconstruct the defect. The Masquelet procedure is an effective alternative to methods formerly used in Denmark, but is still rarely used and unknown by many. In this case report we present a young woman with a large bone defect due to infection after an open femur fracture, successfully was treated using this method.
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