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What is Bibliotek for Læger?

Bibliotek for Læger (Library for Doctors) is the world’s oldest, still existing medical journal, and it has been published continuously ever since 1809. Today Bibliotek for Læger serves as the quarterly journal of The Danish Medical Association and covers medical history, medical culture and medical ethics. Its target group is primarily health professionals and other professionals with an interest in the humanistic and methodological aspects of medicine.  Bibliotek for Læger primarily publishes scientific original articles and reviews, but also more chatty, anecdotal and debating articles are published. Exceptionally, commented illustrations are also published. All sientific articles are peer-reviewed, and if possible all relevant manuscripts are reviewed by two professionals with a profound knowledge of the theme in question.   Much more about the fantastic and turbulent history of Bibliotek for Læger can be read in the special anniversary edition.