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About DMJ

The Danish Medical Journal (DMJ) is a general medical journal published by The Danish Medical Association.

The Danish Medical Journal (DMJ) is a general medical journal published by The Danish Medical Association

The journal publish double blinded peer reviewed original research in English – conducted in or in relation to the Danish health-care system. 

When writing for the Danish Medical Journal please remember target audience which is the general reader. This means that the research area should be relevant to many readers and the paper should be presented in a way that most readers will understand the content.

DMJ is published monthly 12 times a year. The manuscripts are published on a on-going basis for the upcoming publication.

Full information about publication policy, ethichs and guidelines can be found here.

DMJ will publish the following articles: Original articles, Protocol articles from large randomized clinical trials, Brief Research Reports, Systematic reviews and meta-analyses, Review articles (only by editorial invitation) and Letters.

Read Instruction for Authors if you wish to submit an article.

Articles published in the Danish Medical Journal are »open access«. This means that the articles are distributed under the terms of the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International CC-BY-NC-BD 4.0, which permits any non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author(s) and source are credited and No Derivatives.

2022: 1.84 | 2020: 1.24 |2019: 0.92 |2018: 1.17 | 2017: 1.14
2016: 1.07 | 2015: 0.97 | 2014: 1.07 | 2013: 0.76** |
2012: 0.92 | 2011: 0.75 | 2010: 1.60 | 2009: 0.77 |
2008: 1.56 | 2007: 1.39 | 2006: 0.57 | 2005: 0.52 |
2004: 0.56 | 2003: 0.45 | 2002: 0.98 | 2001: 1.32 | 2000: 0.91 |

** The factor is calculated manually, as Danish Medical Journal changed its name from Danish Medical Bulletin.

If an editor of the Journal of The Danish Medical Association is an author/co-author of a manuscript submitted for publication in the Journal of The Danish Medical Association or the Danish Medical Journal, the editor in question will not be part of the editorial process of this manuscript. The editor in question will not be present at the editorial board meetings where the manuscript is discussed. The above applies for request, peer review and the final decision on the manuscript. The editor in question has no access to the manuscript in ScholarOne Manuscript Central.

The Danish Medical Association also publish Journal of the Danish Medical Association - in Danish: »Ugeskrift for Læger«. Go to