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The non-traumatic Noergaard technique for treatment of anterior shoulder dislocation has high success rate

Anterior shoulder dislocation is the most common large joint dislocation encountered in the emergency department. More than twenty different techniques to reduce dislocation have been described, but most require an experienced physician because there is potential of causing additional injuries during the process. The paper by Erin-Madsen et al is based on a retrospective review of the charts of 151 patients admitted with anterior shoulder dislocation to the emergency department of Hvidovre Hospital during a one-year period.
The Noergaard technique

The authors describe the non-traumatic Noergaard technique, where the affected arm is relaxed and stretched, hanging straight down towards the floor, while the patient bends forward and makes pendular and circular motions with it. The study shows a 77% success rate in the 67 patients where the Noergaard technique was applied as the primary treatment.

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The Noergaard technique is a non-traumatic method for reduction of anterior shoulder dislocation
Nikolaj Erin-Madsen, Ilija Ban, Morten Grove Thomsen, Jens Noergaard & Peter Toft Tengberg


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