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Aftrædelsesordning for en 70-årig

Henrik S. Thomsen, Steen Lindequist & Eva Brems-Dalgaard
Ugeskr Læger 2002;164(11): 1484-8.
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8.- 1484
Summary Retirement plan for a 70-year-old: Intravenous urography disembarks from uroradiology. Ugeskr Læger 2002; 164: 1484-8. Over the last 70 years, intravenous urography (IVU) has played a major role in the work-up of diseases in the kidneys and the upper urinary tract. However, modern cross-sectional modalities have shown that IVU does not fulfil current requirements. Patients with renal colic are better examined by non-enhanced CT scanning, as it finds more stones (60 versus 100%). Furthermore, a disease outside the upper urinary tract is found in about 15% of patients with renal colic, and in 3% another kidney or upper urinary tract disease is found. For patients with haematuria, CT urography is a better alternative, as it combines the advantages of CT with those of IVU. IVU misses about 15% of renal tumours above 3 cm in diameter and almost all below 3 cm. MR urography is the newest way of imaging the upper urinary tract; its exact role is still undetermined, but it is recommended for children, young persons, and pregnant women. After 70 years of good performance, it is time for IVU to retire.
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