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Cancer i ektopisk mammavæv

Johan Røikjer1, Ida Lindmark2 & Thor Knudsen2 1) Health, Aarhus Universitet 2) Mammakirurgisk Afdeling, Regions-hospitalet Viborg Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V11140640
Ugeskr Læger 2005;177:V11140640
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Cancer in ectopic breast tissue
Two different forms of ectopic breast tissue exist in human beings: supernumerary and aberrant. Both forms are usually seen alongside the milk lines, which extend from the upper limbs to the inguinal region where they give rise to mammary glands, areolas and nipples. Although ectopic- and orthotopic breast tissue are placed in different areas of the body, they still share the same ability to undergo pathological degeneration. The focus of this case report is to shed light on this unusual form of breast cancer, and raise the level of awareness in cases with lumps located in the milk lines.
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