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En dag på en traumeenhed i Johannesburg

Lene Østerballe1, Sarah Asbury2 & Kenneth D. Boffard2 1) Gastroenheden, Kirurgisk Sektion, Hvidovre Hospital, og 2) Department of Surgery, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Sydafrika
Ugeskr Læger 2011;173(18):1279-1282
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Summary 24 hours at Johannesburg Hospital Trauma Unit Ugeskr Læger 2011;173(18):1279-1282 This paper describes the hectic work as a doctor at the Trauma Unit of Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, a highly regarded and well-visited trauma unit worldwide. A trauma junior doctor is followed on a 24-hour-call through a full casualty to urgent operations and complicated postoperative management of the trauma patient. In a diary fashion the paper describes the evidence-based guidelines of management of certain trauma cases brought into the trauma unit during the 24-hour-shift.
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