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Endobronkialt leiomyom er en sjælden årsag til recidiverende pneumoni

Laurits Frøssing & Pia Holland Gjørup Lungemedicinsk Afdeling, Regionshospitalet Holstebro Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V05150440
Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V05150440
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Endobronchial leiomyoma is a rare cause of recidivating pneumonia
Leiomyomas arise from the smooth muscle cells of the lung and account for less than 2% of all benign tumours of the lung. Symptomatology is based on the degree of bronchial obstruction. Endobronchial leiomyomas often present with obstructive pneumonia and atelectasis. We present a case report of a 17-year-old woman who had pneumonia of the right lower lobe. The anamnesis revealed three previous hospitalizations over the last one and a half years due to pneumonia of the right lung. A diagnosis of primary endo­bronchial leiomyoma was made on the basis of histopa-tho­logy and immunohistochemistry obtained during broncho­scopy.
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