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Identification of patients with incident cancers using administrative registry data

Mette Bach Larsen1, 2, Henry Jensen1, 2, Rikke Pilegaard Hansen1, 2, Frede Olesen1 & Peter Vedsted1, 2 1) Research Unit for General Practice and Department of Public Health, Aarhus2) Research Centre for Cancer Diagnosis in Primary Care, Aarhus University
INTRODUCTION On-time identification of incident cancer patients is important in cancer research to ensure quality in cancer treatment and care. Nevertheless, the Danish Cancer Registry (DCR) is updated on an annual basis rather than continuously, and no standardised algorithm exists to enable sampling from administrative data which are updated on a monthly basis. The aim of this study was to develop and validate an algorithm for on-time sampling of incident cancer patients based on administrative data. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was based on registry and questionnaire data from inciden...
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