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Monitorering af operativ behandling af stemmebåndsparese ved tyroplastik

Overlæge Ågot Møller Grøntved, overlæge Christian Emil Faber & overlæge John Jakobsen Odense Universitetshospital, Øre-næse-halskirurgisk Afdeling F
Ugeskr Læger 2009;171(3):117-121
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Summary Assessment of thyroplasty for vocal fold paralysis Ugeskr Læger 2009;171(3):117-121 Introduction: Thyroplasty with silicone rubber implantation is a surgical procedure for treatment of patients with vocal fold paralysis. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the outcome of the operation and to monitor which of the analyses were the more beneficial. Material and methods: Twenty consecutive patients were enrolled in the study. To assess the treatment, videostroboscopic evaluation was performed and maxsimal phonation time was measured. A phonetogram was recorded to evaluate voice capacity and intensity, and a voice quality analysis was performed using the Multi-Dimensional Voice Program. Furthermore, patients answered the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) questionnaire. Results: The capacity and intensity of the voice were significantly increased with an improvement of the highest intensity of 13 dB. The capacity of the voice was increased more than 2.5 times. The voice quality was improved significantly as measured by the jitter percentage, shimmer percentage and voice turbulence index. The VHI was decreased by 40, from a mean preoperative value of 82. A total of 90% of patients were satisfied. Conclusion: Besides videostroboscopy, a phonetogram is the most important analysis because it offers a quantitative measure of the voice capacity and intensity, which are the major problems experienced by patients with vocal fold paralysis. Used together, these tools are highly instrumental in guiding the patient's choice of surgery or no surgery.
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