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Overvægtigt barn taber sig til en mindre blodtryksmanchet, men højere blodtryk

Kristian Nebelin Hvidt1, 2, Hans Ibsen1 & Jens-Christian Holm2 1) Kardiologisk Afsnit, Medicinsk Afdeling, Holbæk Sygehus 2) Enheden for Overvægtige Børn og Unge, Børneafdelingen, Holbæk Sygehus Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V10120590
Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V10120590
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After weight loss a child fits a smaller blood pressure cuff but gets elevated blood pressure
A ten year old boy referred to childhood obesity treatment lost weight after one year of lifestyle intervention to a degree where he was no longer obese. Contrary to anticipated beyond the effect of a normal growth, his clinical blood pressure (BP) was higher after weight loss. This observation was caused by the use of a smaller BP cuff compared to a larger cuff at baseline. In general, weight loss in obese children during growth and development pose a challenge in regard to which BP cuff size should be used and in regard to interpretive challenges of the BP.
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