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Psychiatric diagnosis and criminal record determine the courts’ decisions

Ejnar Alex Kørner1, Peter Gottlieb2, Gorm Gabrielsen3 & Liv Os Stølan2 1) Mental Health Centre, Capital Region of Denmark, c/o Danish Ministry of Justice 2) Copenhagen Clinic of Forensic Psychiatry 3) Copenhagen Business School
INTRODUCTION Section 69 of the Danish Penal Code implies the possibility of sentencing also non-psychotic offenders to treatment when this is considered expedient. The aim of this study was to analyse which factors influence the courts’ decisions to sentence offenders to psychiatric treatment instead of punishment. MATERIAL AND METHODS The psychiatric statements of the Danish Medico-Legal Council from 1 April 2005 to 31 December 2007 were screened retrospectively to sample all cases processing non-psychotic offenders under Section 69. Analyses were performed using logistic regression wit...
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