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Betydningen af hormonelle faktorer for meningeomers vækst

Laura Giraldi1, 2, Kåre Fugleholm2 & Tina Nørgaard Munch1, 2 1) Afdeling for Epidemiologisk Forskning, Statens Serum Institut 2) Neurokirurgisk Klinik, Rigshospitalet Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V02180153
Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V02180153
The impact of hormonal factors in meningioma development
Meningioma is the most common extra-axial, intracranial tumour. The incidence is 5/100,000 persons per year with a female:male ratio of 2:1. Only two predisposing factors have been identified: neurofibromatosis type 2 and ionising radiation. It has been suggested, that hormones, especially female, may have an impact on development. The results from studies on this matter have been inconclusive, and there is a need for further and broader research in the field of meningioma development.
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