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Bipolar affektiv sindslidelse type II

Karen Reiter & Maj Vinberg Kompetencecenter for Affektive Lidelser, Psykiatrisk Center København Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V04170313
Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V04170313
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Bipolar II disorder
Bipolar II disorder (BDII) is a subtype of BD, which has gained increased clinically use although not classified in the International Classification of Diseases-10. BDII is diagnosed by depressive and hypomanic episodes. Distinguishing between unipolar depression and BDII is difficult, but specific features of the depressive episode may raise attention towards BDII: early age of onset, atypical response to antidepressant treatment, psychotic features and first-degree relatives with BD. Overall, BDII exhibits a severe pathology with morbidity and disability rates comparable to BDI.
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