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Hybridoperation af torakalt aortaaneurisme

Reservelæge Louise de la Motte, overlæge Niels Bækgaard, overlæge Leif Panduro Jensen, overlæge Sven Just, overlæge Arne Olesen & overlæge Peter Skøtt Gentofte Hospital, Karkirurgisk Afdeling, Radiologisk Afdeling, Thoraxkirurgisk Afdeling og Kardiologisk Afdeling
Ugeskr Læger 2009;171(3):147
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Summary A hybrid approach to surgery for thoracic aortic aneurysm Ugeskr Læger 2009;171(3):147 A 57-year-old male, previously treated surgically with insertion of grafts for type A and B aortic dissection, presented with a pulsatile mass in the jugular fossa. Further examination verified a pseudoaneurysm the inlet of which was located at the proximal anastomotic site of the descending aortic graft and a newly developed aneurysm of the aortic arch. Using a left lateral thoracotomy to avoid manipulation of the pseudoaneurysm, we adopted a hybrid approach by first debranching the subclavian and carotid arteries from the descending aorta followed by endoluminal grafting of the aortic arch. The pseudoaneurysm was successfully excluded.
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