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Intratorakal struma med differentialdiagnostiske vanskeligheder

Reservelæge Susanne Scherer, reservelæge Dunia Gazi Abd-Elrahmane, overlæge René Horsleben Petersen & reservelæge Nina Hannover Bjarnason Herlev Hospital, Patologisk Afdeling, Gentofte Hospital, Billeddiagnostisk Afdeling, Thoraxkirurgisk Afdeling R og Lungemedicinsk Afdeling Y
Ugeskr Læger 2009;171(3):147
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Summary Intrathoracic goiter with differential diagnostic difficulties Ugeskr Læger 2009;171(3):147 Intrathoracic goiter represents an important differential diagnosis in the examination of lung tumours. A 71-year-old healthy woman presented with dyspnoea, stridor and an inhomogeneous tumour compressing the upper part of the right lung at the level of the left atrium. Computed tomography showed bilateral pleural effusions and a pericardial effusion. Thyroid scintigraphy demonstrated no uptake in the pulmonary mass and material from two sets of core-needle biopsies were inconclusive. Surgery with histology revealed a degenerated benign intrathoracic goiter.
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