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Kompartmentsyndrom kan også ses i underarmen

Ali Asmar, Rikke Broholm, Jens Bülow & Lene Simonsen Klinisk Fysiologisk og Nuklearmedicinsk Afdeling, Bispebjerg Hospital Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V05140285
Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V05140285
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Compartment syndrome can also be seen in the forearm
Chronic compartment syndrome is a challenge for the clinician and symptomatic similar to neuropathies, tenosynovitis, stress fractures and referred pain from lumbar cervicalis. Thus, chronic compartment syndrome of the upper extremities is probably an underdiagnosed condition. In patients with stress-induced pain in the upper limbs, chronic compartment syndrome should be considered – particularly in young patients with high physical activity. Despite limited literature, the effect of surgical treatment is promising.
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