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Mohs’ kirurgi til behandling af basalcellekarcinom

Martin Glud1, Silje Haukali Omland1, John Paoli2 & Robert Gniadecki1, 3 1) Dermato-venerologisk Afdeling, Bispebjerg Hospital 2) Hudmottagning, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, Göteborg 3) Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V07160501
Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V07160501
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Mohs surgery for basal cell carcinoma
Micrographic surgery is currently the only technique which ensures complete removal of basal cell carcinomas. The major limitation is the high set-up cost, which is particularly connected with specialized training of surgeons, techni­cians and the set-up of a histology facility for frozen tissue sectioning and staining. In the long run, however, the cost of Mohs surgery per patient does not exceed that of conven­tional surgery. The technique is very safe and has multiple advantages over any other treatment modality. It achieves the highest cure rates, it is minimally invasive, it is tissue-sparing and it enables the optimal closure of the surgical defect. Mohs surgery is cost-effective, especially when dealing with poorly demarcated, high-risk, facial tumours, where it should be considered as the first choice of treatment.

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