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Obstetriske komplikationer hos kvinder med endometriose


Janne Foss Berlac1, Dorthe Hartwell2, Jens Langhoff-Roos1 & Øjvind Lidegaard2

1) Obstetrisk Klinik, Rigshospitalet 2) Gynækologisk Klinik, Rigshospitalet Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V01140004

Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V01140004
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Endometriosis and obstetrical complications

Approximately 5-10% of the women in the reproductive age are afflicted with endometriosis and many become pregnant after fertility treatment. Women with endometriosis seem to have an increased risk of placental complications, bleeding in pregnancy and during labour as well as possible increased risk of pre-eclampsia, preterm birth and low birthweight. Large epidemiological studies are needed to clarify the magnitude of these risks in order to define the appropriate level of proactive management of pregnant women with endometriosis.

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