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Schwannom kan være en sjælden årsagtil mavesmerter

Marie Mydtskov1 & Nanne Mydtskov2 1) Tommerup Lægehus, Tommerup 2) Lægevidenskab, Syddansk Universitet Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V02170095
Ugeskr Læger 2017;179:V02170095
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Schwannoma can be a rare cause of abdominal pain
This case report describes a 43-year-old female with persisting abdominal pain. She was examined on several occasions, but no obvious reason for the pains was found. Due to recurring of the symptoms, a computed tomography was performed, and a tumour in the thoracic wall by the lower left region of the lung could be seen. Biopsy revealed a schwannoma, and an operation was conducted successfully. After radical resection, the patient’s pains declined.

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