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Ventrikeliskæmi og -perforation ved bariatrisk intragastrisk ballon

Loan Ngo-Stuyt, Jakob Burcharth & Flemming Hjørne
Kirurgisk Afdeling, Sjællands Universitetshospital, Køge

Ugeskr Læger 2019;181:V10180718
Ugeskr Læger 2019;181:V10180718

Loan Ngo-Stuyt, Jakob Burcharth & Flemming Hjørne:

Ventricular ischaemia and perforation in the gastric wall caused
by a bariatric intragastric balloon

Ugeskr Læger 2019;181:V10180718

This is a case report about a 37-year-old woman, who was admitted to hospital with a bariatric intragastric balloon (IGB)-related gastric perforation, probably due to ischaemia in the gastric wall. IGB is a less invasive treatment than gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures, however, treatment is not without risks. Currently, there are no national guidelines on treatment with IGB. We recommend, that the future treatment with IGB is relocated to bariatric centres with the needed expertise in order to optimise treatment and follow-up for bariatric patients with IGB.

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