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Mental health during COVID-19 pandemic in workers in private ear-nose-throat Clinics

Close contact with patient’s airway mucosa during routine ear-nose-throat (ENT) examinations results in a relatively high risk contracting COVID-19 among otorhinolaryngologists. The paper by Walvik et al presents results of a cross-sectional questionnaire study assessing symptoms of anxiety and depression among healthcare workers in primary ENT practice during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Denmark. Based on 75 individual responses, the authors report that 30% had depressive symptoms and 13% had signs of anxiety symptoms. Seventy percent felt sufficiently protected by their available personal protective equipment. The authors conclude that that the staff in ENT practices did not display extraordinary stress reactions due to the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic but that approximately 50% were concerned about being infected themselves or transmitting COVID-19 to their household.
1. jun. 2021
01 min
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