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Observational study speaks against routine use of indwelling urinary catheter during athroplasty

The aim of this study was to describe the incidence of re-catheterisation and urologic complications during the initial 30 days following THA and TKA fast-track surgery.

Knee and hip arthroplasty are the most common elective operative procedures in the western word. There is however no consensus regarding perioperative urine bladder catheterisation. Based on the incidence of urinary tract infections and aggravation of lower urinary tract symptoms, this prospective observational study comprising 784 patients suggests that perioperative catheterization might not be an optimal solution.

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Indwelling urinary catheterisation may increase risk of complications in hip and knee arthroplasty
Lars S. Bjerregaard, Morten Humilius, Per Bagi , Torben B. Hansen & Henrik Kehlet


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