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Presentation of mpox in Copenhagen

Small outbreaks of mpox (previously called monkeypox) have been reported outside of Africa since May 2022.

Mpox (Credit: NIAID/NIH)
Mpox (Credit: NIAID/NIH)

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1. maj 2023
1 min.

The paper by von Schreeb et al. in the recent issue of Danish Medical Journal reports patient characteristics, coinfections, clinical presentation, and diagnostic delay among the 86 patients with mpox diagnosed at the department Department of Infectious Diseases, Copenhagen University Hospital – Amager and Hvidovre Hospital. All patients were men who have sex with men and presented with lesions, most frequently on or around the genitals. Approximately one third had anorectal discomfort or pain and 40% had a coinfection with another sexually transmitted disease. The authors suggest raised awareness of the disease among physicians, especially among surgeons, dermato-venerologists, and general practitioners.

Brief Research Report

Characteristics of 86 individuals with mpox diagnosed at Copenhagen University Hospital

Sebastian von Schreeb, Banoo Bakir Exsteen, Mike Zangenberg, Morten Rasmussen, Anders Fomsgaard, Gitte Kronborg & Hvidovre Infectious Diseases Group.