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Scheduled surgery during daytime improves outcomes of lower extremity amputation

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17. feb. 2023
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Despite advancements in perioperative risk stratification and care, both mortality and complications after major dysvascular lower extremity amputation remain high. In the March issue of Danish Medical journal Ignatiussen et al report impact of implementation of a new amputation regime comprising two weekly scheduled surgery days and, if possible, a senior surgeon participating in all surgeries. Based on an analysis of 328 consecutive patients (165 operated with the old and 163 with the new regime), the authors conclude that the new regime has the potential of reducing early risk of failure defined as need of re-amputation or revision within 30 days.

Read Original Article: Daytime and scheduled surgery for major dysvascular lower extremity amputation

Martha E. T. L. M. Ignatiussen, Poul Pedersen, Gitte Holm, Morten Grove Thomsen & Morten Tange Kristensen