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Significant regional variation in survival of patients with glioblastoma in Denmark

Glioblastoma is the most frequent primary brain tumour in adults. In Denmark, the treatment of glioblastoma is centralised to four departments located in four of the five Danish administrative regions. In the March issue of Danish Medical Journal, Engberg et al. report the regional and socioeconomic variation in survival after diagnosis. They include 1,731 patients with histologically confirmed glioblastoma from 2013 to 2018. The authors report significant regional differences in prognosis with lowest survival in the Region of Southern Denmark and highest in the Capital Region. The differences were attenuated after adjustment for surgical resection but were not related to the household income nor to the education level of the patients.
Danish Medical Journal

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Regional and socio-economic variation in survival after glioblastoma in Denmark, 2013-2018
Henriette Engberg, Marianne Steding-Jessen, Inge Øster et al


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