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Post-hip-fracture anti-osteoporotic management should be improved

Based on a study of 570 patients 65 years or older who were acutely admitted to a department of orthopedic surgery, Kjær et al conclude that the post-hip-fracture anti-osteoporotic treatment rate is alarmingly low and that only few patients are referred to dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). They identify numerous explanations including poor compliance, forgetfulness, contraindications, and the fact that the considerable responsibility for initiating treatment typically rests with the patients and their next of kin. The authors suggest that starting treatment with anti-osteoporotic medicine before discharge from the orthopaedic department and referring the patient for a DXA at the same time may be part of the solution.

Editorial board

3. okt. 2022
1 min.