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Prognostic interactions between cardiovascular risk factors


Julie Kiranjot Kaur Vishram

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Dan Med J 2014;61(7):B4892


Cardiovascular disease and particularly hypertension play a significant roll in death but not only in adult people but in young people.
Hypertension is increasing as a important factor between others to cause discomfort and death in adult people.
We have been focused in people over 40 years old but what is happening in those people in the second and third decade of life?
Hypertension thesis
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G.Casolo, MD, PhD, FACC
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Type 2 diabetes is a very heterogeneous disease, both genotypically and phenotypically.
BMI is a marker of that phenotypic heterogeneity. How much do Cardiovascular risk profile differ amongst these patients, especially between the lean and the obese ? Do they respond similarly or heterogeneously to CVR control, and therefore the CV event rates ?

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