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About Ugeskrift for Læger
Ugeskrift for Læger – The Journal of the Danish Medical Association - is Denmark’s main scientific journal within the health and medical fields.
The journal’s online site is at:

The journal and the website are backed by the Danish Medical Association with appr. 27,000 members. Almost all medical doctors authorised to practice in Denmark are members of the association.

The print journal’s circulation is ca. 26,500 per week. The total readership is 70,000 according to Index Danmark/Gallup 2015.

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To see articles from our arcive it is necessary to purchase access. 50 Danish Kroner = appro. 9 US $/ 7 Euro – will buy access for one article.

The website is searchable in English. Results take you straight to the English abstract. Our scientific articles are published in Danish. English abstracts are available at PubMed.

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