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Acceptable results using small radio frequency ablation needle for liver parenchyma transection

Marie Riis Mortensen, Kasper Jarlhelt Andersen & Peter Kissmeyer-Nielsen From: Department of Surgical Gastroenterology L, Aarhus University Hospital


The aim of this study was to investigate a single-electrode radio frequency ablation (RFA) needle as an instrument for liver resections with special emphasis on operation time, time of liver ischaemia, intra-operative blood loss and post-operative complications.


A total of 40 consecutive patients having a liver transection performed by an RFA single electrode from 1 September 2011 to 28 February 2012 were included in the study. Data concerning type of liver resection, liver parenchyma transection time, intraoperative bleeding and transfusions were prospectively recorded and registered. Furthermore, complications were recorded with special emphasis on bile fistulas and abscesses.


In all, 20 females and 20 males had a liver resection performed by a single RFA electrode. The mean bleeding was 520 ml ± 469 ml, and the mean liver parenchyma transection time was 52 min. ± 22 min. Three patients, all of whom underwent
major resections, received blood transfusions. Five patients
developed bile fistulas and two abscesses. There were no re-
operations for bleeding and no 30-day mortality.


A single electrode RFA needle is a suitable tool for liver parenchyma transection with regard to operation time and intraoperative bleeding, but the frequency of bile leakage seems to be unacceptably high in cases of hemi-hepatectomies.


The authors have no conflicts of interest or financial support to declare.


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REFERENCE: Dan Med J 2014;61(5):A4822

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