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Antibiotika bør ikke anvendes til behandling af rygsmerter


Peter Muhareb Udby1, Peter Fritzell2, Tomas Bergström3, Bodil Jönsson4, Mikael Skorpil5, Olle Hägg6 & Mikkel Østerheden Andersen7

1) Spine Unit, Ortopædkirurgisk Afdeling, Sjællands Universitetshospital, Køge, 2) Futurum Academy for Health and Care, Länssjukhuset Ryhov, Jönköping och Ryggkirurgisk Centrum, Stockholm, 3) Biomedicinska institutet, Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset, Göteborg, 4) Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset, Göteborg, 5) Karolinska universitetssjukhuset, Stockholm, 6) Spine Center Göteborg, Västra Frölunda, 7) Rygcenter Syddanmark, Sygehus Lillebælt, Middelfart

Ugeskr Læger 2020;182:V06200476

UgeskrLæger 2020;182:V06200476
Blad nummer: 
Antibiotics should not be used for treating back pain due to Modic changes

Peter Muhareb Udby, Peter Fritzell, Tomas Bergström, Bodil Jönsson, Mikael Skorpil, Olle Hägg & Mikkel Østerheden Andersen

Ugeskr Læger 2020;182:V06200476

Infection has been proposed as a cause of back pain in individuals with Modic changes. This review summarises the knowledge on this topic in Scandinavia. A Norwegian randomized controlled trial could not replicate results in favor of antibiotic treatment for such patients. A Danish study demonstrated that patients with low back pain and Modic changes had similar physical disability-scores and less sick leave due to back pain than individuals without Modic changes at long-term follow-up (>10 years). A Swedish study displayed equal bacterial presence in discs of patients operated for lumbar disc herniation and in control patients, indicating that the presence of bacteria is caused by contamination during the surgical procedure and is not related to back pain.

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