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Bulløs pemfigoid rammer også yngre patienter

Jens Otto Broby Madsen1, Anne Falensteen Lauritzen2 & Ulrikke Lei3 1) Pædiatrisk Afdeling, Herlev og Gentofte Hospital 2) Patologiafdelingen, Herlev og Gentofte Hospital 3) Hud- og Allergiafdelingen, Herlev og Gentofte Hospital Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V04150286
Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V04150286
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Bullous pemphigoid may also be seen in children
Bullous pemphigoid is most commonly seen in elderly patients, however, an increasing number of cases in children have been reported. In this article we present a case of a five-month-old boy who was admitted with red annular plaques over his entire body and vesicles and bullae on his hands and feet. Correct diagnosis was made by skin biopsy and after reviewing the literature high dose oral steroids therapy (1 mg/kg/day) was successfully initiated. The cause of the disease remains unknown. With correct treatment the prognosis is good with documented ten-year follow-up without relapse.
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