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Charles Bonnet-syndrom og visuelle hallucinationer

Amardeep Singh & Torben Lykke Sørensen Øjenklinikken, Roskilde Sygehus, Sygehus Nord
Ugeskr Læger 2011;173(1):47-49
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Summary Charles Bonnet syndrome and visual hallucination Ugeskr Læger 2011;173(1):47-49 Charles Bonnet syndrome is characterized by vivid, complex and recurrent visual hallucinations occurring in psychologically normal people. Though not related to any specific eye condition, it commonly affects visually impaired elderly persons and is thus an important differential diagnosis to many conditions which cause visual hallucinations. Patients usually retain insight into the unreal nature of their hallucination. The hallucinatory experiences are generally not distressing, but patients may fear impending insanity. There is no specific treatment for this condition which in most cases is self-limiting.
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