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De forventede praktiske kliniske færdigheder og de nyuddannede læger

Anne Mette Mørcke & Berit Eika
Ugeskr Læger 2002;164(27): 3531-4.
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4.- 3531
Summary What are the clinical skills levels of newly qualified physicians? Self-assessment study of an intended curriculum identified by a Delphi process. Ugeskr Læger 2002; 164: 3531-4. Introduction : We compared and contrasted the learned and intended practical clinical skills of the three Danish medical schools. Material and methods : An anonymous questionnaire listing 210 practical clinical skills was posted to 226 newly qualified Danish physicians. They were asked if they could meet the minimum level for each of the skills, which had earlier been identified by a Delphi study. Results : The response rate was 80%. None of the responders met the minimum of all the 210 skills. Only 8% (14) met the minimum level for at least 90% (189) of the skills. On average, the responders met the minimum for 74% (155) of the skills. More than 90% of the responders could take medical histories and carry out examinations. The responders did not meet 28 medical emergency procedures. Discussion : We found that the clinical skills learned constituted 75% of those intended.Those responsible for pre- and postgraduate medical training should be aware of the discrepancy between expected and learned skills. We discuss the role of experts in the process of defining the core cur- riculum.
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