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Dual-energy CT


Jack Junchi Xu1, Kristoffer Lindskov Hansen1, Lars Lönn1, Timothy Resch2 & Peter Sommer Ulriksen1

1) Afdeling for Røntgen og Skanning, Københavns Universitetshospital – Rigshospitalet, 2) Karkirurgisk Klinik, Københavns Universitetshospital – Rigshospitalet

Ugeskr Læger 2021;183:V12200904

UgeskrLæger 2021;183:V12200904
Dual-energy CT

Jack Junchi Xu, Kristoffer Lindskov Hansen, Lars Lönn, Timothy Resch & Peter Sommer Ulriksen

Ugeskr Læger 2021;183:V12200904

Dual-energy CT (DECT) is an emerging imaging technique and has become increasingly available in Danish hospitals in recent years. DECT utilizes data acquired from high and low kV photons. This allows for the separation of materials based on their atomic buildup, which can be visualised and quantified during post-processing. DECT entails a broad range of clinical applications across multiple organ systems and can support diagnostic decision-making as described in this review. DECT is not yet widely utilised mainly due to limited knowledge combined with a new workflow for the radiologist.

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