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Forbedret overlevelse hos børn med neuroblastom

Henrik Schrøder 1 , Jeanette Wacher 1 , Heidi Larsson 2 , Steen Rosthøj 3 , Catherine Rechnitzer 4 , Bodil Laub Petersen 5 & Niels L.T. Carlsen 6 1) Århus Universitetshospital, Skejby, Børneafdelingen, 2) Århus Universitetshospital, Århus Sygehus, Afdeling for Klinisk Epidemiologi, 3) Århus Universitetshospital, Aalborg Sygehus, Børneafdelingen, 4) Rigshospitalet, Juliane Marie Centret, Pædiatrisk Klinik, 5) Rigshospitalet, Patologiafdelingen, og 6) Odensen Universitetshospital, Børneafdelingen
Ugeskr Læger 2010;172(40):2761-2765
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Summary Improved survival in children with neuroblastoma Ugeskr Læger 2010;172(40):2761-2765 INTRODUCTION: The aims of the present study were to analyze whether changes in incidence and mortality rates have taken place in Denmark during the period 1981-2005, and whether the distribution of known prognostic factors has changed during this period. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 206 children below 15 years of age with neuroblastoma or ganglioneuroblastoma who were diagnosed in Denmark between 1981 and 2005. RESULTS: The incidence was 8.68 per million children below 15 years of age (world standard 9.6) and 43.5 per million children below 12 months of age and these incidences have remained unchanged since 1970. The mortality rate has decreased steadily during the study period. The prognostic factors age, stage and site of primary tumour did not change during the study period and were not different from those reported by others. 32% of the children were below 12 months of age at diagnosis. 53% of the children had metastatic disease. The overall 5-year survival increased over the study period from 38% in 1981-1985 to 69% in 2001-2005. A significant increase in the survival of children > 12 months of age with stage 4 disease was also observed. Relapse/disease progression more than three years from diagnosis occurred in only 2% of patients. The median time from relapse to death was three months. CONCLUSION: The survival of children with neuroblastoma in Denmark has increased significantly over the last 25 years.
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