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Gastropleural fistel kan behandles torakoskopisk

Sofie Laugesen, Vytautas Nekrasas & Poul Erik Haahr Klinik Hjerte-Lunge, Hjerte-Lungekirurgisk Afdeling, Aalborg Universitetshospital Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V03140172
Ugeskr Læger 2014;176:V03140172
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A gastropleural fistula can be treated thoracoscopically
Gastropleural fistula (GPF) is although uncommon a severe and sometimes fatal complication after prior thoracic surgery, trauma or malignancy. Standard therapy has often included major surgery such as laparotomia with gastrectomi. In this case report we present a patient with GPF who underwent thoracoscopia for closure of the fistula. To our knowledge this is the first report of its kind in the Danish and English literature. Thoracoscopic treatment of GPF may be associated with less morbidity and mortality, and should be considered as the initial procedure of choice.
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