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Alexander Lilja-Cyron1, Carsten Reidies Bjarkam2 & Jannick Brennum1

1) Neurokirurgisk Klinik, Rigshospitalet 2) Neurokirurgisk Afdeling, Aalborg Universitetssygehus Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V01180076

Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V01180076
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Human head transplantation

Since the beginning of the 20th century, head transplantation (cephalosomatic anastomosis) has been studied in animal models including mice, rats and monkeys. A recently proposed protocol for head transplantation in humans has revived the interest for the procedure. However, key elements in the procedure, such as functional spinal cord fusion, sufficient neuroprotection and post-operative pain control are still undocumented. Ethical issues remain concerning the scientific validity of the proposed project as well as general concerns regarding the entire concept of human head transplantation.

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