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Kommunikation med patienter om analog medicinsubstitution er kompleks

Marianne Møller1 & Steffen Thirstrup2 1) Medicinsk Dialog 2) Sundhedsstyrelsen
Ugeskr Læger 2013;175(14):955-957
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Summary Marianne Møller & Steffen Thirstrup: The communication with patients 
about analogue substitution is complex Ugeskr Laeger 2013;175:955-957 Information about “effect” was considered more important than “price” on analogue substitution by a group of patients using the original medicine, esomeprazol, and having mixed experiences with generics. The word “cheap” implied negative associations to the expected effect and was associated with perception of more side effects. Patients adapted individually to substitution, e.g. by self-payment and -dosing.Furthermore they expressed themselves in methaphors, which was a figure lacking in written information to them. This qualitative study supports the need for, as well as more knowledge on, patient-oriented information and -dialogue on analogue substitution of medicines.
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