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Kruralt kompartmentsyndrom efter kirurgi i stensnitleje

Læge Peter-Martin Krarup & 1. reservelæge Yazan F. Rawashdeh Sydvestjysk Sygehus, Esbjerg, Kirurgisk klinik, og Århus Universitetshospital, Skejby, Urologisk Afdeling K
Ugeskr Læger 2008;170(18):1539-1543
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Summary Lower limb compartment syndrome subsequent to surgery in the lithotomy position: Ugeskr Læger 2008;170(18):1539-1543 Lower limb compartment syndrome after prolonged surgery in the lithotomy position is a rare but devastating complication which is termed well leg compartment syndrome (WLCS). The pathogenesis comprises increase in intracompartmental pressure and hypoperfusion, resulting in ischemia and necrosis. By reviewing the PubMed database we found 38 case reports with a total of 58 patients who developed WLCS. Every surgeon should know WLCS as early diagnosis and treatment is essential to avoid severe permanent disability.
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