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Langvarige symptomer efter commotio cerebri

Reservelæge Mikkel Mylius Rasmussen, afdelingslæge Dorte Clemmensen & overlæge Steffen Skov Jensen Regionshospital Viborg, Ortopædkirurgisk Afdeling
Ugeskr Læger 2010;172(39):2679-2683
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Summary Prolonged symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury Ugeskr Læger 2010;172(39):2679-2683 INTRODUCTION: Patients with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) do not undergo consistent follow-up in Denmark and the risk factors for long-term symptoms are not fully known. The purpose of this study was to look into symptom frequency, sick-leave frequency and to try to identify risk factors for long-term symptoms following MTBI. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Patients were recruited from the emergency room at Viborg Hospital. Initial data were registered and telephone interviews were conducted one month and one year after trauma. RESULTS: 60% were asymptomatic within the first month; an additional 11% became asymptomatic within the next year, leaving 29% with residual symptoms one year after trauma. 70% reported a sick leave period < 2 days, 19% > one month and 2% > one year. The average trauma-to-emergency room contact reached 158 min (median 65 min). Gender, age, blood pressure (BP), pulse, Glasgow coma score (GCS), admission to hospital, unconsciousness, amnesia, alcohol intake, time or type of trauma were not associated with long term symptoms. CONCLUSION: Even patients with minor head trauma have a relatively high risk of long-term symptoms regardless of gender, age, BP, pulse, GCS, admission to hospital, unconsciousness, amnesia, alcohol intake, time or type of trauma. Nevertheless, the risk of long-term sick leave is relatively small.
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