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Meningitis og septisk sinustrombose som komplikation i forbindelse med otitis media

Thomas Frank Flyger1, Jens Højberg Wanscher1, Nina Nguyen2 & Mette Bay1 1) Øre-Næse-Halskirurgisk Afdeling/Høreklinikken, Odense Universitetshospital 2) Radiologisk Afdeling, Odense Universitetshospital Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V05170407
Ugeskr Læger 2018;180:V05170407
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Meningitis and septic sinus thrombosis in connection with otitis media
This is a case report of a 30-year-old female, who presented to the emergency department with headache, nausea and neck pain after five days of otitis media. After lumbar puncture, CT and MRI the patient was treated for meningitis with initial improvement in the clinical state. After four days she developed contralateral neurological symptoms, and after five days she had a seizure. MR-venography showed thrombosis of the lateral dural sinus with venous cerebral infarction. The treatment of intravenously administered antibiotics, mastoidectomy and anticoagulation is discussed and compared with other cases in the literature.
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