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Predictors of long-term effect from education and exercise in patients with knee and hip pain

Søren Thorgaard Skou1, 2, 3, Mikkel Elstrup Simonsen1, Anders Odgaard4 & Ewa M. Roos3 From: 1) Orthopaedic Surgery Research Unit, Aalborg University Hospital, 2) Centre for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University, 3) Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy, Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark, 4) Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Gentofte Hospital
Introduction Education and exercise are poorly implemented in osteoarthritis care. The purpose of the present study was to identify predictors of effectiveness at one year from education and exercise in patients with knee or hip pain in clinical practice. Material and methods Good Life with Arthritis in Denmark is an implementation initiative consisting of education and 12 sessions of neuromuscular exercise delivered by trained physiotherapists. Pain (visual analogue scale 0-100) and quality of life (EQ-5D) were assessed at baseline and after three and 12 months. Changes in outcome from ba...
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