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Pseudo-Meigs' syndrom: en sjælden komplikation til et uterint fibrom

Reservelæge Purnima Kumarathas & overlæge Lena Hagelskjær Kristensen Regionshospitalet Viborg, Medicinsk Afdeling og Klinisk Mikrobiologisk Afdeling
Ugeskr Læger 2010;172(4):295-296
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Summary Pseudo-Meig's syndrome: a rare complication to uterine fibroma Ugeskr Læger 2010;172(4):295-296 Pseudo-Meigs syndrome is a rare condition where a benignant non-ovarial pelvine tumour, pleural effusion and ascites are coexisting, and where removal of the tumour cures the patient. We present a patient with pseudo-Meigs syndrome originating from a leiomyoma of the uterus associated with elevated cancer antigen 125 and inflammatory parameters. Our patient also had pericardial effusion, which has only been reported once before in the literature. All her symptoms disappeared when the uterine fibroma was removed. Pseudo-Meig's syndrome has to be kept in mind in these patients.
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