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Sarkopeni og styrketræning

B.Sc., stud.scient. Jakob Jespersen, B.Sc., stud.scient. Troels Gravers Pedersen & fysioterapeut, ph.d. Nina Beyer
Ugeskr Læger 2003;165(35): 3307-11.
Blad nummer: 
11.- 3307
Summary Sarcopenia and strength training. Ugeskr Læger 2002;165: 3307-11. Sarcopenia signifies the age-related loss of muscle mass and consequently muscle strength. Sarcopenia appears to be caused by both muscular and neural factors. Concurrently with the muscle atrophy, a non-linear loss of muscle strength is observed. The decline accelerates after the age of 60. The ability to produce muscular power is reduced even more than the muscle strength. Strength training increases muscle strength and muscular power in the elderly thus counteracting part of the age-related reduction. Improvements, however, depend on the initial strength in the elderly person. The benefit of strength training is greatest in frail elderly and the oldest old, although elderly in general could benefit from strength training. Considering the growing section of elderly in the population, the focus on sarcopenia and measures to counteract this seems more relevant than ever.
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